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Hi… This is Marley.

As long as Marley is happy, you should be happy too.

Oh, by the way Happy new year! If you’re not having a great time or are feeling lonely, Its going to be ALRIGHT

you seem like a cool person with your ability to find things and such… I mean you found this website, you know. Do be cool, this new year is going to be full of fewer resolutions and many happy times… especially for you.  Just because your cool like that.

The only problem I see in social life is that half of us are looking for something that the other half has but we can not bring ourselves to believing, the other half is the right person to spend it with… bummer. There is music though, that is one thing that we all have in common; Wether Bach, hiphop, rock, jazz or folk… we all love the way music settles us in a fantasy world that makes us the characters in the music. Its like reading a book, but does not last as long. Talking about reading books; my favorite book till now has been “bleak house“… what great character build up. Not saying you should read it, but I am saying in 1852 this book had a person spontaneously combust… that is impressive. Anywho, great character build up.

By-the-way… what books did you like that you would recommend…

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