Electrical Engineering

Through my studies at San Jose State University (SJSU), I am becoming more aware that with the over-impacted courses I must depend on online courses as well as second reference books due to some textbooks being not thorough … links provided will be of the courses and tutorials found to be helpful.

As a student the hurdles of time management is vital with consideration to a social life and sleep, one will notice minimums in both. If one enjoys what is being taught fantastic, yet, if there is some difficulty then please use these suggestions for earning knowledge not just a degree.

Please lets make learning more about understanding how the equation works. With that being said I have come across a test bank for the many courses I will be covering… the link is from course hero website… strangely I have an idea that someone from tao beta pi gave them the link.

The list below is of tutorials and lectures one may benefit from.


To fully benefit from the courses one will be engaging in, please consider participating in learning to verify “pen-n-pad” solutions with (users choice) software’s listed below:

  • MatLab an incredibly powerful software that can link with micro controllers, android, etc…
  • LTSpice industry standard, most SJSU EE labs requires this. Find important libraries here.
  • LabView industry standard provided by National Instruments.

Other options:

Visual and intuitive explanations.

EE 10 Introduction to Engineering

The intention of this course is to evaluate if the student has an interest in engineering. The labs in this course are fair for testing purposes and motivation.

EE 98 Introduction to Circuit Analysis & EE 101 Circuits Concepts and Problem Solving

This is one of the more challenging courses one will first come across due to the amount of course work that is required.  All engineering majors take this “weed-out” courses.

Although Professor Ramamurti Shankar teaches physics II, his lectures are intuitive and are a prerequisite for circuit analysis. For the concept of circuit analysis skip to lecture TEN on this playlist.

EE 110 circuits and systems & EE 112 intro to signal processing

EE 102 Probability and Statistics in Electrical Engineering

EE 118 Digital Logic Circuit Design

EE 120 Microprocessor Based System Design

EE 122 Electronic Design I & EE 124 Electronic Design II

EE 128 Physical Electronics


EE 140 Principles of Electromagnetic Fields

EE 181 Fundamentals of Internetworking

worth a look

Physics for Idiots.

cadence video tutorials

E-learning courses from the IITS & IISC

Circuit Exchange International – PRICELESS



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